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At LCIO young people are seen as resources to be developed, rather than problems to be solved, on this premise, LCIO adopts appropriate positive youth development framework to advance the well-being of young people. We incorporate skills development, opportunities and genuine relationships into our programs and activities to help youth reach their full potential. Our youth development programmes include:


PHAT Life is an out of school program that we organize in a safe and structured development center for young people between the age of 13 and 18. Programs at PHAT Life Center is designed to address various components of youth development as well as prevention and early intervention services. The components addressed by this program include: mental health, emotional well-being, physical health and wellness, financial literacy, Personal and leadership development, academic enrichment, access to vocational readiness and employment opportunities.

Participants spend a period if 2-5 years in this program, in a safe and consistent space that are youth friendly and youth driven, this design makes PHAT Life unique among other out of school programs. PHAT Life provides young people with an atmosphere to grow and develop in a healthy way. Furthermore, it is an environment where youth are celebrated and a place they feel a sense of belonging. In addition, daily they are given opportunities and a safe place where they can express their creativity by participating in diverse programme and activities including music, cooking, fitness classes, swimming lessons etc.

Behavioural Health and Wellness (BHW)

BHW addresses the needs of young  people through prevention and early intervention training. BHW deals with substance use prevention, suicide prevention, depression prevention, healthy relationship, risky sexual relationship and other behavioural challenges of adolescence. The goal of these interventions is to decrease risky behaviours and alternatively encourage development of intentions to practice healthy behaviours. Through this program, we are able to provide measurable outcomes relating to knowledge gain, skill attainment and behavioural change. The need for prevention and early intervention in our youth population is self-evident. The rates of substance use, STD/HIV, teen pregnancy, violence, suicide and crime among youth in Nigeria is high. There are personal and social factors which play a role in adolescent risky-behaviours and our training promotes personal and social competency in addressing these issues.


LCIO uses more than one approach to mentoring. We provide group sessions, which focus on development of self, mindfulness and skill acquisition. In addition to the group plan, we provide individual mentoring with skilled staff and volunteers. This allows young people to establish and maintain relationships with healthy adults. Many of our families have low parental involvement due to their job or recurring patterns of maladaptive behaviours and chronic stress and illness. Our mentoring provides additional supports, which are crucial in adolescent development.



Academic Support. Exposure

LCIO addresses the needs of our youth through exposure. Young people in many occasions become products of their environments, as they are not given opportunities that allow them to explore the world beyond the stressors of their homes and community. This lack of exposure creates deferred dreams and repeated maladaptive patterns. Additionally, it creates opportunities for systems and circles to write their stories, versus having our youth create their unique narratives, which defy stereotypes and limitations.






School and Community-Based Prevention Education

Life Challenge Intervention Outreach implements evidenced- based prevention trainings. These trainings aim to interrupt negative behaviors, replacing them with more adaptive ones, which promote longer term health and wellness in our communities. Our intervention specialists are skilled, completing 20 hours of training before implementing trainings in the community. Please contact us if your school, community based program is in need of our services.

In collaboration with various community organisations and schools, Life Challenge Intervention Outreach disseminates information and delivers substance abuse prevention and sexual reproductive health workshops.





Vocational Skill Training

Life Challenge Intervention Outreach provides work readiness skills for underprivileged youth. This program provides training for young people ages 15-25. It is designed to accommodate school and out-of-school youth.