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    We offer a variety of programmes designed to help young people realize their personal strengths and take control of the thoughts and feelings that drive high-risk behaviour. These include weekly group sessions conducted by qualified counselors and our trained staff who deliver prevention education and facilitate discussions around critical issues to participants. Life Challenge Intervention Outreach programmes focus on building resiliency and place special emphasis on awareness and prevention of substance abuse and risky sexual behaviour as well as delinquent and criminal behaviour.

    We deliver prevention/wellness education and early intervention services through group intervention programme called PHAT Life (Promoting Healthy Attitude among Teens), this programme provides positive engagement alternative to risk behaviors during out of school time.

    We provide mentoring, academic support, case management, vocational skills training and community outreach/advocacy. These programmes are carried out through behavioural and public health strategies that aim at reducing substance use, sexual risk behavior, mental health problems, violence. Our activities also focus on promoting anger and emotional management, planning and decision making, youth entrepreneurship, consequential thinking and personal responsibility, academic success, healthy relationships and safer sex decision making.

    In our commitment to always support development and growth for young people, participants in our programs benefit from carefully designed monthly free training focused on leadership development, work readiness, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and much more. The topics of the monthly free training are goal setting, strategies resume building, career exploration, the 5 stages of team development, financial literacy, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship & business planning, positive youth development, communication skills, DE-escalation & safety, evidence based prevention education- Facilitation, volunteerism and community development.