Welcome To LCIO

Life Challenge Intervention Outreach (LCIO) is a Non Governmental Organization that offers programs, community support and partnership to address substance abuse and violence among women and young people in Nigeria. To address these problems, we form partnership with health and medical professionals, civil society groups, law Enforcement, educational institutions, faith based groups, policy makers, parents and the media.

Our Goal

Addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a public health crisis that threatens the economic, emotional, physical and psychological well-being of Nigerian women and youth. It is a menace that has ripple effect across the economy, human capital, public health and public safety of our nation.

Our women and young people need prevention education, awareness and programs that will keep them healthy and enable them to make the correct decision on their own. Those who have become dependent on substances need community support and access to treatment to help them recover. At LCIO we strive to provide quality prevention programs that help women and young People make healthy choices and grow into healthy adults who will sustain our Communities tomorrow.


We are working towards a society in which women and young people are empowered to live a life of quality free from addiction, substance abuse and violence.



LCIO is striving to enhance the quality of life of women and young people by providing consistently available and accessible substance abuse prevention and intervention services, and to work With health and medical professionals, civil society groups, law enforcement, educational Institutions, faith based groups, policy makers, parents and the media to contribute, facilitate and promote peaceful and drug free society.


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